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Every child deserves a fairytale

How do I choose a daycare center for my child?

Research* has shown that parents consider proximity the most important factor in choosing a daycare center (in addition to ‘availability’). With a daycare center in the heart of Gouda and a location at the edge of the city (Goverwelle), VIPKids is always nearby. Still, at VIPKids we always say: trust your gut feeling. Whether you end up driving three or six kilometers to drop them off, what counts in the end is that you get an excited “Yay!” whenever it’s time to go, wouldn’t you agree?

*Research into the daycare information need, Motivaction 2019

VIPKids: The best daycare for your child

Daycare that feels like home

childcare gouda main plaza

As soon as you set foot in daycare center VIPKids, you can feel the remarkable, almost magical atmosphere.

How do we do it? The unique interior definitely plays its part. When the owners, Mike and Larissa, started this daycare center, they asked themselves the following question: in what kind of place would I feel most comfortable leaving my child for a day? And: where would I want to work as a preschool teacher?

These two questions inspired them to design the daycare center in such a way, that every space feels like a luxurious living where you feel at home right away and where everything is one hundred percent safe for babies and young children. Mike’s many years of experience as a stage designer and Larissa’s background as a host parent, came in very handy.

And that is how the best ideas came to life: from an actual children’s theatre with fancy dress costumes to a complete fairytale village.

vipkids daycare gouda and reeuwijk child over frame
daycare outside area

Mini artists, maximum fun!

Expressing yourself creatively offers so much more than just fun

Creative expression brings so much more than fun alone: it gives them a confidence boost and it’s very good for their motor development. At VIPKids, children get all the space they need to get creative. Whether it be making music together with all the instruments, dancing away at the children’s disco, making smoothies at the VIPKids Bakery or blowing away the audience at the theatre…your child will choose their stage. The question is: which one?

VIPKids: be amazed

Baby hammocks, treehouse bunk beds and a fairytale village… at a daycare center?

Feel free to drop by for our weekly open evening, Thursdays between 18.00 PM and 19.00 PM. Or schedule a personal tour whenever it suits you.

baby hammock baby hotel nursery gouda
fairytale village childcare gouda
castle daycare Gouda

Daycare with a touch of magic

Every child deserves a fairytale

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VIPKids location Center

Located in a canal house from 1890 on the velwelensingel

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VIPKids location Goverwelle

Enter our fairytale village with large cuddly toys circus entrance.

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VIPKids location Boskoop

VIPKids Boskoop. Day care in an enchantingly beautiful environment.

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