VIPKids Rooms: Baby hotel

When you walk into VIPKids Gouda Goverwelle and VIPkids Boskoop, you immediately taste the special atmosphere. Fairytale luxury!

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Daycare with a Babyhotel

If there was a hotel for babies, this is what it should look like! The Baby hotel is a serene space with a luxurious interior. It doesn’t feel like a daycare center, but more like …a baby hotel!

Our eye-catching hand-made hammocks are the ultimate way for the little ones to dose off. Especially after they got their divine daily baby massage from one of our (baby massage-certified) preschool teachers.

You will of course get the very best impression of our daycare center location Goverwelle and Boskoop during a tour

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Daycare with a touch of magic

Every child deserves a fairytale

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