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Every child deserves a fairytale

At VIPKids Goverwelle, it starts at the entrance. Music welcomes you as you enter the reception hall with beautiful murals, multi-color lights, a mosaic floor, loads of stuffed animals and a long fluffy sofa.

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Discover real life in a fairytale?

Enter our VIPKids fairytale village! With its circus entrance of large stuffed animals, soap bubbles and sparkling lights, you’ll find yourself in a mini-version of real life: a barber shop, a fashion boutique, a flower shop, a garage with its very own gas station, a view of the baby hotel and right at the center of it all, a large fairytale tree.

Look, that’s where Fifi the dog lives! Did he get his bone today? Where did Fifi go? Oh, he is playing at his friend’s place. I will bring him home.

We see how these kids really adopt a role when pretend playing. Fifi isn’t just a stuffed animal, no, he needs to be taken care of! A playful way for them to learn about everyday situations.

Our schedule at the Goverwelle location gives each group the opportunity to spend some time at the Fairytale village every day.

VIPKids Goverwelle: a different world

Once you enter VIPKids, you forget all about your car parked on paved terrain outside.

Just look out the windows in the Baby lounge or Momcave and be surrounded by lots of green, a nice pond and a gorgeously maintained vegetable garden.

Go down the VIPKids hallway and take a left instead of a right to the Momcave, and you are now facing the diaper room. 

Prefer things clinical? Sorry, this room is not for you. We want this room to feel homey and luxurious just like all the other ones. Pleasant both for the kids and our staff: like you’re changing a diaper in a gorgeous children’s room. Rooms with a pleasant vibe help our teachers transfer their positive energy to the children. Win-win, just the way we like it!

Luxurious childcare becomes the new standard

Relaxing and healthy snacks

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Good is good enough? No way!

That’s why baby massages are part of our standard daycare package. And when the sun is out, you’ll find us in the shaded lounge area of our garden, gently rocking the smallest of the small in our baby hammocks while the other kids get comfy in our beanbags after a race around the traffic playground.

There’s a fruit bar at the entrance where the kids get to pick up a basket of fresh fruit and veggies one by one.

We turn these fresh ingredients into smoothies together with the kids, which is an everyday part of our daycare program with a new recipe each month.

Hand-picking fruits

We built a vegetable garden and a greenhouse out in the yard. As the children help us sow, hoe and water the plants, they learn about everything that grows and blooms. And of course, they get to help us harvest the herbs, fruits and vegetables. All VIPKids kids have green thumbs!

Your day starts here too

VIPKids wants to offer all busy parents a peaceful start and end to their day. That is why we designed a dedicated lounge area. Enjoy a relaxing moment in one of our luxury armchairs with a delicious cup of cappuccino before heading out into the rat race of a busy workday or starting your daily cook-wash-bedtime routine.

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VIPKids groups

Our Gouda Goverwelle location accommodates various childcare groups.

Baby hotel

Baby group for max. 12 babies, ages 0 to 1

Kids lounge

Baby group for max. 16 babies and toddlers, ages 0 to 4

mom cave

Toddler group for max. 16 toddlers, ages 2 to 4


Vertical group for max. 16 babies and toddlers, ages 0 to 4

VVE - Toddler program

Toddler group for max. 16 toddlers, ages 2 to 4

Fairytale village

A group for a maximum of 16 children from 1,5 to 4 years old.

The Momcave has its very own VIPKids Bakery, a Theatre and a disco dancefloor… every room at VIPKids Goverwelle has its own specialty. Check them all out on this site

Daycare with a touch of magic

Every child deserves a fairytale

childcare from 4 to 8 years

Childcare from 4 to 8 years old

Childcare with educational VVE (not subsidized).

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Rates Daycare

Daycare rates and calculate with the calculation tool.

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Childcare Boskoop

Childcare at our new location VIPKids Boskoop

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