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Daycare in a beautiful canal house on the Fluwelensingel

Looking for a daycare center in the city center of Gouda? VIPKids is there for you!

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The best of both worlds!

Daycare center VIPKids Gouda Centrum is located in a canal house from 1890 at Fluwelensingel right across the street from a gorgeous park. Back in 2008, owners Mike and Larissa founded VIPKids as host parents. Since 2012, they have been taking care of children between the ages of 0 and 4 as a certified daycare cente,r together with their team of preschool teachers.

VIPKids Centrum offers the best of both worlds: the small scale and hominess of a host parent’s home and the professionalism of a daycare center. The embodiment of our vision ‘Feel at home at VIPKids’.

Daycare that feels like home

Why make a daycare center clinical instead of beautiful and homey? We want everyone to feel at home at VIPKids: the children, our staff and parents alike. We owe the pleasant vibe to our enthusiastic preschool teachers and an interior that breathes family, where practicality and safety go hand in hand with comfort.

Did you know that… at VIPKids we pamper babies with a baby massage?

Mike designed and hand-made all of the interior. One unique feature of our daycare center are our hand-made bunk beds. They were designed like a treehouse and positioned in a way that allows the children to see each other. This adds to their sense of safety and comfort. Our central playroom has a remarkable story time bench shaped like a cabin; a great place for the kids to catch their breath.

Let’s end the day at the music tree! With a real piano and all kinds of instruments, this place always makes for a true musical bonanza!

First a smoothie and then let's go outside!

Snack away

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Time for a snack or a drink?

Grab a chef’s hat, an apron and off we go to the VIPKids Bakery! That is where we prepare the most delicious things together with the kids, from muffins to mini pizzas. Plus, we make fresh fruit-and-vegetable smoothies every day, with a new delicious recipe every month.

Safe outdoor play

VIPKids Centrum may be located in a typical city center building, but we still found a way to create a beautiful setting for the kids to play outside. Our spacious roof terrace is 100% child-proof and has a tropical vibe for that joyful holiday feeling. A real jacuzzi for the warm summery days completes the picture! Plus, we love to take the kids out to the park across the street for them to run around freely, and we take them out to the city center in our handcarts on a regular basis.

Drop by to take a look

Our location in the city center of Gouda is nice and transparent, and offers room for max. 16 kids. This is a vertical childcare group for babies and toddlers, ages 4 to XNUMX. Siblings get to share the same group which enhances the familial atmosphere and contributes to the ‘Feel at home’ vision of VIPKids Centrum.

You are more than welcome to drop by and take a look at daycare center VIPKids Centrum. We have an open evening on Thursdays between 18.00 PM and 19.00 PM, and you can schedule a personal tour here.

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Childcare without a waiting list?

Need a childcare solution urgently? We still have some days available at our Centrum location. And if not, we would love to refer you to our VIPKids location in Gouda Goverwelle. A magnificent daycare center that still has room for new students in various age groups.

Daycare with a touch of magic

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Childcare from 4 to 8 years old

Childcare with educational VVE (not subsidized).

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Childcare Boskoop

Childcare at our new location VIPKids Boskoop

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