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We have two nurseries in Gouda. VIPKids Center is a small-scale childcare location with space for a maximum of 16 children in a vertical group of 0-4 years. VIPKids Goverwelle has several childcare groups: two baby groups aged 0-2, a toddler group aged 2-4 and a vertical group aged 0-4. In addition, VIPKids has an educational VVE Toddler Program (previously: Preschool) for children aged 2-4 years at the Goverwelle location.

We also provide childcare for children with a developmental advantage. The group is called VIPKids Plus + and is open every Friday from 8:30 am to 13:30 pm.

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Develop in a pleasant, safe environment

Childcare: some basics

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It may not be the first thing that comes to mind as a parent, but a daycare center is more than just a place of education and care. The atmosphere, the positive vibe that the preschool teachers pass on to the kids, is invaluable to their growth.

Kids spend the first years of their lives in full development and all of their experiences are programmed into their brain forever. They will forget much of it as they grow up, but each forgotten memory will leave an emotional trace. We want to contribute to a positive foundation and make sure your child’s first memories feel comfortable, safe and happy. That way, they get to start their lives with a lot more self-confidence.

Trusted and safe

It goes without saying that both our Gouda Centrum and Gouda Goverwelle daycare centers were built and designed with safety as a primary concern. Both locations were fitted with a CCTV-system, allowing us to carefully monitor every inch. But safety and a trusted vibe can go hand in hand, as we’ve discovered here at VIPKids. For example, our interior designs were inspired by ‘the family’, to make sure the place feels like coming home – for the children, their parents and the VIPKids staff.

Drop by and feel the atmosphere!

You can't buy a nice atmosphere: we create it together at VIPKids.

That is why we are happy to invite you for a tour, to experience the VIPKids feeling for yourself: it feels right, this place will give my child an amazing foundation. Click here to book a date for a personal tour.

toddler program playgroup 0 to 4 years
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A fairytale for every child

We believe each child is entitled to a fairytale: an enchanting world where they make friends, encounter challenges and grow as a person. A world we emulate in our childcare center, where all kids get to feel like V Ery I mportant P ersons. Want to learn more about the VIPKids vision?

Daycare with a touch of magic

Every child deserves a fairytale

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Childcare Boskoop

Childcare at our new location VIPKids Boskoop.

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VIPKids Gouda: location Goverwelle

Enter our fairytale village with large cuddly toys circus entrance.

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Childcare Gouda Center

Located in a canal house from 1890 on the velvet canal.

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