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Day care in an enchanting environment

Childcare center VIPKids Boskoop: a place where babies, toddlers and toddlers from the Boskoop area can play, learn and discover five days a week!

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daycare center Boskoop - Our third fairy tale…

VIPKids Daycare Center Boskoop is a pleasantly organized childcare location, with a design that can best be described as 'atmospheric meets luxury'. An enchanting feeling of warmth and comfort engulfs you as soon as you enter. There are two vertical groups from 0 to 4 years; a Momcave group (maximum 16 children) and a Kidslounge group (maximum 16 children). So nice and small.

At VIPKids we attach great importance to pedagogical quality. We work on quality based on our pedagogical principles. The pedagogical staff reflect on the working method in the group. We think in terms of opportunities and possibilities. We learn by doing and do it together!

Childcare with a top garden

Daycare center Boskoop is open from Monday to Friday from 7.00:18.00 to XNUMX:XNUMX. Come and have a look at our beautiful location. We have a large garden where the children can play.

The many trees give that nice forest feeling and we are also going to create a fairytale vegetable garden at VIPKids Boskoop childcare. This way we can root around in the soil with the children, water plants and, to top it off, eat our home-grown plants, vegetables and fruit! A playgroup where we eat tasty, but above all healthy.

Healthy food at VIPKids childcare Boskoop

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Smoothies and games

Good is good enough? No way!

In Gouda, the VIPKids smoothies are now known and very popular. Of course, making those healthy, tasty juices will also become a regular part of our day's program in Boskoop. And have you already met hand puppet Puk? This great childhood friend is part of the Uk & Puk educational program, which VIPKids offers.

Register your child in advance!

Is your child between 0 and 4 years old and are you looking for a childcare center in Boskoop where your child will have an unforgettable time? Come to VIPKids Boskoop!

To be sure of a place at this fairytale childcare location, we advise you to register in time.
Of course you are welcome for one tour.

See you soon at VIPKids Boskoop!

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