VIPKids Rooms: Lounge area

When you walk into VIPKids Goverwelle, you immediately taste the special atmosphere. Fairytale luxury!

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Daycare for your child, but also your start of the day

Busy, busy, busy: a reality for many working parents.

Instead of a hasty yoga class or ten mandatory minutes of meditation, you can now choose to start your day completely relaxed.

VIPKids offers a special lounge room with luxurious armchairs where parents and staff can go for a peaceful cup of coffee or tea. For some sparring about childrearing or just flipping through a magazine. And a place where you can pump or feed your baby. Who doesn’t want a stress-free start to their day?

When it comes to getting a fair impression of our daycare center in Goverwelle, nothing beats a good old tour.

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Daycare with a touch of magic

Every child deserves a fairytale

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