VIPKids Rooms: Theatre

When you walk into VIPKids Goverwelle, you immediately taste the special atmosphere. Fairytale luxury!

Top Vipkids Theater Dress Up

You are the star in our theatre!

This is where you take the stage. Because at the Theatre, you are the star of the show.

Here, you are a VIPKid like no other! Pick the most fabulous outfits, transform into a dancer or a pop star and hit the stage. Just watch that crowd cheer you on and clap for you in the mirror. Let the show begin! A few moments later, you’re all jumping and dancing at the children’s disco. The disco ball paints the walls with sparkly glitter. In short: party time!

Of course, the Theatre offers plenty of time to read a book together or doze off on one of the comfy children’s stretchers. Ah, lovely, time to catch my breath...

The Theatre is a vertical group for max. 16 babies and toddlers, ages 0 to 4.

Of course, all groups spend part of their day in other areas of our daycare facility to play, such as the Theatre, the Momcave and the Fairytale village. When it comes to getting a fair impression of VIPKids Goverwelle, nothing beats a good old tour.

theater show at daycare center vipkids gouda
theater childcare costume party
theater costume party childcare

Daycare with a touch of magic

Every child deserves a fairytale

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