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Childcare: a good start

Taste the atmosphere at our daycare center

Day care tour vipkids gouda

A daycare center is not something you choose lightly. After all, this is where your child will be kicking off their life. At VIPKids, we believe that a pleasant atmosphere is the key to creating a sense of safety: an important precondition for the development of your child.

Our preschool teachers are 200% committed to get each and every child to say: ‘When can I go back to VIPKids?’

Time to check out that atmosphere for yourself!

Schedule a tour. You can take a tour of our luxuriously furnished reception areas without obligation.

tour daycare center plaza playing child

Got an urgent need for childcare?

Many people already know our location in the center of Gouda – there is currently a waiting list for this for some days. That is why we warmly invite people to come and see our great pride: the second VIPKids location in Goverwelle and our third location Boskoop. Here we still have enough places available for day care, our toddler program (formerly 'toddler playroom').

Guided tour Gouda Goverwelle

A daycare center with a fairytale village and a vegetable garden?

We cordially invite everyone for a tour. Children are of course also welcome, but with a small disclaimer: your child may not want to go home…

VIPKids Goverwelle, Middenmolenplein 104C Gouda

bakery vipkids gouda guided tour open evening
open evenings daycare gouda vipkids
tour castle vipkids childcare after school care

Our digital VIPKids-tour

Can’t wait to see our enchanting VIPKids world?

Guided tour of Gouda Center and Boskoop

A daycare center with a treehouse as a sleeping spot, a log cabin with a reading sofa and a true VIPKids children’s kitchen?

Location Gouda Centrum and Boskoop open their doors to anyone who wants to come and take a look at our beautiful canal house in the heart of Gouda and our beautiful location in Boskoop. Schedule a tour for our locations in Gouda Centrum and Boskoop.

VIPKids Center, Fluwelensingel 83 Gouda

VIPKids Boskoop, Gouwestraat 3 Boskoop

tour vipkids center children eat
tour vipkids center nursery

Daycare with a touch of magic

Every child deserves a fairytale

childcare from 4 to 8 years

Childcare from 4 to 8 years old

Childcare with educational VVE (not subsidized).

childcare rates and childcare calculation tool

Rates Daycare

Daycare rates and calculate with the calculation tool.

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Childcare Boskoop

Childcare at our new location VIPKids Boskoop

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