Our vision of childcare

Every day here at VIPKids strengthens our conviction that children develop best when they are self-aware and feel safe and free.

How we see childcare

A child without inhibitions will explore the world and learn about their environment with an open mind. And if your child isn’t ready to tell a story to the group, or they prefer not to wear a chef’s hat in the VIPKids Bakery, no problem. Every child gets to be just who they are.
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Confidence as a foundation

A permanent and essential part of our educational program is building self-confidence. In addition to giving targeted compliments, for example, we stand in front of the mirror together with each child. There we not only learn to count ears, fingers and feet and look at the color of your eyes, we also show how beautiful your child is. Some things are the same as with other children, other things are different: gjust perfect the way you are.

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Turn every moment into a party

Freedom and responsibility: a golden combination for any child growing up. At VIPKids daycare, we’ve got it covered. We allow the kids to get messy. Because afterwards, we’ll have a moment that can be just as much fun: tidying and cleaning up together. Just watch those proud faces as they handle their hocus hand duster and their pocus cleaning cloth!

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Healthy food, healthy habit!

VIPKids pays special attention to healthy food. We buy fiber-rich bread at the bakery and organic fruits and vegetables from local farmers. In order to make vegetables popular among the kids, we built a real VIPKids Bakery at both of our locations, where vegetable smoothies are made year-round. Since the kids get to make the smoothies themselves, they are more inclined to have a taste. ‘Spinach is yummy!’

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Safety first

Caring for small children carries with it a great responsibility. That is why we think it is important to be transparent as an organization. At VIPKids we monitor the rooms from the central office via our camera system. If we unexpectedly see something that could cause an unsafe situation, we can immediately take action.

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The soothing effect of routine

Structure: it may sound more like a necessity than a virtue. And yet, structure tends to have a very calming effect on infants and small children. Eat, play, sleep, repeat. Easy to wrap even the smallest of heads around! That is why our VVE program includes daily routine cards, so the kids know what to expect at all times. ‘After the fruit snack we get to play at the Fairytale village! Yay!’

Daycare with a touch of magic

Every child deserves a fairytale

childcare from 4 to 8 years

Childcare from 4 to 8 years old

Childcare with educational VVE (not subsidized).

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Rates Daycare

Daycare rates and calculate with the calculation tool.

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Childcare Boskoop

Childcare at our new location VIPKids boskoop

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