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Working at the nicest childcare in Gouda and Boskoop! Welcome to VIPKids

Do you want to give children a piece of magic every day, one moment in the VIPKids Bakery and the next under the big light tree in the Fairytale Village? As a VIPKids employee you can let children float so that they can completely disconnect from everyday life.

You and your colleagues ensure that all children at VIPKids feel special. Create a moment of relaxation during a baby massage, go crazy with the toddlers in the children's disco or get some fresh air in the vegetable garden together with the toddlers ... And if they give you a smile from ear to ear, then you know: this will be another great day!

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Fairytale luxury

A unique workplace

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Our reception locations have the same luxurious furnishings as a modern hotel, but one especially for children. At the Goverwelle location we even have a real baby hotel, with baby hammocks and a view of the Fairytale Village. No boring sleeping quarters or clinical changing room, but a perfect blend of hip and cozy. After all, working in a pleasant space gives you energy that you automatically transfer to the children.

The interior at VIPKids has a unique design because everything is handmade. You naturally want to help the children in their dream dress or pirate suit in the VIPKids Theater or conjure up all the instruments at the music tree. In any case, we find singing, dancing and making music just as important for the development of children as learning to walk, talk and count.

The whole world should know that VIPKids exists! We like a bit of excitement and so we have expanded our fleet with… a limousine! Have you already spotted our VIPKids limo?

Just relax

We think it is important that our employees can also relax from time to time. That is why we have created a separate lounge, especially for the VIPKids employees. With music in the background and attractively lit, a kitchen and wonderful recliners with massage function. A perfect place to get together as a team to spar or celebrate the birthday of one of your colleagues. Or to just grab a moment for yourself while having a cappuccino or juice.

VIP Kids Academy

Development is not only a theme for the children. At VIPKids we also give you plenty of room to grow. There is always something to learn, which is why we started our own VIPKids Academy.

We have all kinds of training available for our staff with handy instruction videos made by colleagues themselves. For example, do you want to obtain a certificate for baby massage or children's photography? Your colleagues will teach you the tricks of the trade. And do you have an interesting expertise that fits nicely within our work area? Then you take the role of trainer yourself and we would love to learn from you!

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VIPKids vision

Learning through play runs like a red thread through the day. At our day care we use the educational VVE method Uk & Puk.

But there are things that we think are just as important as the educational part, such as a healthy diet, safety and giving children more self-confidence.

In front of the fairytale mirror

Children with a large portion of self-confidence can take on the whole world, so we pay a lot of attention to that. In addition to giving targeted compliments, as a pedagogical employee, for example, you take every child to our fairytale mirror every week. There you not only teach the child to look at the color of his eyes and how many fingers he has, you also make it clear that every child is beautiful the way he is.

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Making smoothies together

You make children enthusiastic about healthy food. For example, we have a real VIPKids Bakery at both locations, where we make vegetable smoothies every day. You make them together with the children, so that they automatically start shouting: 'This is how kale is super tasty!'

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Coaching and safety

We monitor all areas from the central office via our camera system. To help with a potentially unsafe situation, but also to be able to look back at interesting moments before an intervention. A very effective way to learn from each other.

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Childcare and more

We have two childcare locations: VIPKids Gouda Center and VIPKids Gouda Goverwelle. In the latter we offer a variety of entertainment activities: from baby showers to photo shoots and toddler yoga. Would you like to work a few hours a week as a hostess during a cake smash, children's party or other happening in addition to your work as a pedagogical employee? Which can! For more information, please contact us.

Are you a star in ...

To offer children a sense of safety and security

(at VIPKids you are their 'mom and dad' for a while)

Transferring enthusiasm and energy to the children

(and your colleagues)

Teach children things through play

(and you are also eager to learn)

Give a creative twist to the day schedule

(dancing, singing, making music, crafts)

Then we would like you to be part of our VIPKids team! Do you also have a VVE diploma? Totally top, exactly what we are looking for. If not? No problem: VIPKids offers you plenty of room for further training. Send your motivation letter (or video) to [email protected].

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