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Every child deserves a fairytale

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Daycare center Gouda: VIPKids – where fairytales are real

People tend to view daycare in practical terms: what daycare center is nearby and has room for my child, how much will it set me back and what is the time window for dropping them off? We prefer to take the child’s perspective: stuffed animals, cars, a real children’s kitchen, fancy dress costumes? I wanna play here! VIPKids allows its kids to float: a quick swing off the fairytale tree, dozing off during a baby massage, dancing at the children’s disco or endless outdoor play at the traffic playground.
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Daycare is a party

What better feeling than to drive off to work knowing that your kid didn’t even turn around to wave? Ehm… Because they were too busy playing, of course! Our everyday mission is to turn daycare into a party, so that each and every parent can leave their child behind with peace of mind.

"Mommy, when can I go back to VIPKids?"

Magic mirror on the wall…

… Which child deserves the best in the whole country? Your child of course! We are also happy to take your little prince or princess by the hand to explore the real world through a world of wonder. Want to know more about our vision and working method? Click here.

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From educational VVE to dressing up party

At VIPKids, development and fun go hand in hand. After all, a child having fun will learn the most. Taking a deep dive into the fancy dress wardrobe for some pretend play, for example, is a great way to practice their motor skills and learn how to play with other kids.

Preschool education with ‘Uk & Puk’

In the groups within our daycare center, our pedagogical employees work specifically on the development of children from 0 to 4 years. We do this with the educational VVE method (pre-school and early childhood education) Uk & Puk (not subsidized).

Extra attention for your child
Could your child use some extra attention in one or more areas of development? We are a daycare center that has experience with children who need more guidance. 

Would you like to read more about preschool daycare VIPKids? Click here.

Childcare rates

What does childcare cost? A frequently asked and logical question. We want as many families as possible to be able to use all the luxurious facilities at the VIPKids childcare locations. We are proud that we have once again succeeded in keeping the hourly rate low.

Thanks to the childcare allowance, you often end up paying less than you think. For the most part, you can apply for childcare allowance. Click here for more information about our rates and for the childcare calculation tool.

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VIPKids has three beautiful locations in Gouda Centrum, Gouda Goverwelle and VIPkids Boskoop. You can already register your child, on some days there is currently a waiting list. Please call or email us for up-to-date information about when your child can come.

Urgent need for daycare?

We still have plenty of spots available at the Goverwelle and Boskoop locations. We are happy to tell you everything about this special location, but we also know: seeing is believing. So come along to experience for yourself how fairytale luxury and cosiness can go together.

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Curious what our daycare looks like inside? Then schedule a tour. Together with one of our employees, we will show you all the ins and outs of our daycare center. You can choose from the location Gouda Goverwelle, Gouda Center or Boskoop.

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