Terms and Conditions

VIPKids Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions are linked to the contract and internal regulations, by signing the agreement you agree to this

Article 1 Definitions

In these general terms and conditions,
VIPKids: childcare centers of VIPKids Holding BV, which includes 3 branches:
VIPKids Gouda Goverwelle BV at Middenmolenplein 104 in Gouda;
VIPKids Gouda Centrum BV. at Fluwelensingel 83 in Gouda and VIPKids Boskoop BV at Gouwestraat 3 in Boskoop
Childcare: the childcare (daycare) operated by VIPKids
Child: a child aged 6 weeks to 4 years for day care
Contractor: the parent(s)/guardian(s) who conclude the agreement with VIPKids on behalf of the child
Placement agreement: the agreement between VIPKids and the contractor regarding the inclusion of children in childcare, also called a contract.

Article 2 Applicability of these conditions

These general terms and conditions apply to every placement confirmation and agreement or contract between VIPKids and the contractor insofar as these conditions have not been expressly deviated from in the agreement and have been expressly accepted by VIPKids in writing.
Every contractor is obliged to comply with the provisions of the regulations as well as any changes therein and any childcare guidelines set by or on behalf of VIPKids.
Stipulations and agreements that deviate from these General Terms and Conditions are only legally valid unless they have been expressly accepted in writing by VIPKids.

Article 3 Execution of the placement agreement

VIPKids will execute the agreement to the best of its knowledge and ability and in accordance with the requirements of good workmanship and on the basis of the state of science known at that time.
If and to the extent that this is required for the proper execution of the agreement, VIPKids has the right to have certain work carried out by third parties.
The contractor ensures that all information that VIPKids indicates is necessary or which the contractor should reasonably understand is necessary for the execution of the agreement, is provided to VIPKids in a timely manner. If the information required for the execution has not been provided to VIPKids in a timely manner, VIPKids has the right to suspend the execution of the agreement and/or charge the contractor for the additional costs resulting from the delay.
VIPKids is not liable for damage of any nature whatsoever caused by VIPKids relying on incorrect, incomplete or untimely information provided by the contractor, unless the incorrectness, incompleteness or untimely information should have been recognizable to it.
3.5 The contractor can register electronically via a registration form as an interested party with VIPKids for a certain type of care and for a specific child aged 0-4 years and for days from 7 a.m. to 18.00 p.m. with minimum purchases 2 days a week. The contractor will receive a draft contract from VIPKids by email. The contractor must inform VIPKids within 10 days whether or not he or she accepts the offer. The offer indicates the applicability of the VIPKids General Terms and Conditions and is accompanied by a copy thereof.
The offer is provided with a digital date by the contractor and becomes irrevocable.
If the response period of 10 days has expired and the agreement has not been digitally signed by the contractor, the offer can be considered expired
3.8 The placement agreement is concluded electronically when the consumer provides a copy of the offer with his or her
written or electronic signature is returned to VIPKids and VIPKids has received it. VIPKids confirms the placement agreement to the consumer. This creates obligations for the consumer - other than by submitting the registration form.
Incidental changes in the shelter do not affect the placement agreement.
Placement takes place on the 1st or 16th of the month unless otherwise agreed.
At VIPKids, the managerial employee has the right to change the original composition of the core groups within the branch provided that there are compelling interests, such as illness/shortage of staff or for pedagogical or practical reasons, such as sufficient sleeping space appropriate for age. on the group (not applicable to VIPKids Gouda Centrum BV).

Article 4 Contract duration and notice period

The contract duration runs until your child is 4 years old when he/she transfers to primary school for day care. Exception: Child turns 4 during the summer holidays but will only be placed in primary school in September. The contracting party is then still entitled to childcare allowance until that date, even after he or she has turned 4 years old. The contractor will inform VIPKids as soon as possible via [email protected]. This legislation can change annually by the tax authorities. Therefore, inform your rights to the tax authorities.
The agreement is entered into for an indefinite period unless the parties have expressly agreed otherwise in writing. Contracts are entered into with a minimum of 1 month.

Article 5 Changes to the agreement

If during the execution of the agreement it appears that for proper execution it is necessary to change or supplement the services to be provided, the parties will adjust the agreement accordingly in a timely manner and in mutual consultation. If changes or additions to the services have financial and/or qualitative consequences, VIPKids, the contractor, will inform the contractor about this in advance. Changes to the content of the agreement are only effective if they have been expressly confirmed in writing by VIPKids.

Article 6 The placement interview/tour

VIPKids will invite the contractor for a placement interview/tour in good time, before the start of the actual placement. In this conversation, the specific details of the contractor and his or her child required for childcare are discussed. The childcare company and the contractor agree to regularly inform each other, where necessary, whether there are general or temporary points of attention and details for the specific care of the child (daily rhythm, nutrition, illness and the like). This article applies to contractors who wish to start at short notice.
VIPKids points out that:
VIPKids is obliged to monitor the health of the child and to communicate about this with the parent
The contracting party as parent or guardian is legally liable for damage caused by his or her child.
VIPKids will contact the contractor by telephone two weeks before the start date, once the agreement has been signed, to schedule an adjustment morning and intake interview.

Article 7 Confidentiality

Both parties are obliged to maintain confidentiality of all confidential information that they have obtained from each other or from another source in the context of their agreement. Information is considered confidential if this has been communicated by the other party or if this arises from the nature of the information.

Article 8 Termination

A notice period of 1 month applies to all agreements or contracts. Cancellation must be reported in writing via [email protected]. The above arrangement also applies to reductions in days. Only after confirmation has been received by email will the cancellation be officially received and processed. If you do not receive a response to your email within 5 working days, please contact the manager on 0628817447. Your cancellation is only final after receiving written confirmation from VIPKids.
If the contractor cancels the agreed installation within 6 months before the actual commissioning, cancellation costs will be charged. The cancellation costs are 6 euros for cancellation outside 350 months before the start date. Cancellation within 2-6 months before the start date will amount to the full amount worth 50 percent of the care month. Cancellation within 1-2 months before the start date will amount to the full amount worth 1 month of care. Cancellation within 1 month before the start date will amount to the full amount worth 2 months of care.
Extra surcharge per hour if it concerns childcare for children up to 1 year old with deregistration/cancellation before the child's 4th birthday
Article 8 of the contract describes the average hourly rate. This is based on a contract duration until the child's 4th birthday. However, the costs for a younger child are higher than for an older child. For example, the costs for a baby are 25% higher than for a 1-year-old child and the costs for a 1-year-old child are 20% higher than for a 2-3 year old child. It is therefore necessary for the continued existence of the childcare organization that children aged 0 to 4 years remain contracted with the same childcare provider. If a contract is terminated before the child's 2nd birthday, the costs for the childcare organization will be higher than the hourly price paid. In order to prevent parents from only registering their children with VIPKids for a short time due to a waiting list at another childcare organization, a settlement will take place when the child is deregistered before the child's 2nd birthday. Contracts for children up to 1 year of age that are terminated will receive an hourly rate of € 1 more. The customer will receive this settlement in a separate invoice at the end of the contract and the customer must then pay this to VIPKids within 4 weeks.
Calculation example: Child started childcare at the age of 6 months for 3 days a week and the contact is terminated. The child will be deregistered three months after the start date of the contact. Then 143 hours x 3 months x 1 euro = 429 euros extra will be charged.
You can also choose to pay the extra price immediately and if your child remains in childcare until the age of 4, you will receive this extra surcharge on the hourly price from VIPKids. Please pass this on before signing the agreement
Exceptions, provided proof is provided to VIPKids: the settlement will not be applied for one of the following reasons for cancellation:
death of one of the parents
loss of a parent's job
change in fixed days in the week in connection with a change in the work schedule of parents in the event that VIPKids no longer provides space on desired days at one of the VIPKids branches
no more places available from VIPKids on desired days
when moving to a location further than 15 km from VIPKids location. This does not apply if the parent was already aware when signing the agreement that a move is planned within 2 years after signing the agreement.
demonstrable force majeure situation.

Article 9 Payment

VIPKids always invoices 1 month in advance. The invoice amount must be transferred to VIPKids' account by direct debit at least 1 day before the actual care. The contractor must agree to the direct debit by signing this contract. If VIPKids is unable to collect the invoice on time, 15,50 euros will be charged for administration costs and for each time that VIPKids has to send a payment request or reminder. This standing authorization for Euro direct debit is part of the placement agreement.
The price of the care will be stated in the agreement. Every year, in January, the hourly prices are increased. These prizes will be announced no later than December by means of the newsletter or by mentioning them on the website www.vipkids.eu. VIPKids reserves the right to apply price increases several times a year provided the contractor is informed in time with a minimum of 1 calendar month in advance.
If the payment cannot be collected by VIPKids, the contractor is in default. VIPKids reserves the right to suspend childcare until payment has been made in full, including the suspended term. If the contractor is in default, VIPKids will send a reminder which must be paid within 5 days. After the latter 5 days have expired, VIPKids will send a second reminder at which € 15,50 in administration costs will be charged. The second reminder must be paid within 3 days. If the second reminder is not paid within 3 days:
Formal notice of default takes place
VIPKids hands the claim over to a collection agency
All resulting collection costs, in accordance with Article 9 of these General Terms and Conditions, including the statutory interest, will be borne by the contractor.
VIPKids reserves the right to terminate the agreement
The payment made by the contractor, with the exception of claims outsourced by VIPKids, always serves to settle, firstly, all interest and costs owed, and secondly, payable invoices that have been outstanding the longest, even if the contractor reports that the payment relates to a later invoice.
The contracting party always pays the full month, even if the contracting party wants to start at a later time in the month than the 1st of the month or if the contracting party wants to end the care earlier than the 31st of the month. Only if VIPKids makes an exception in writing can a correction be made to the invoice.
The contractor will pay 15,50 euros extra administration costs if we are unable to collect or are forced to send a reminder. Customer enters his own bank account in the parent portal and gives permission to withdraw from his account to one of VIPKids' accounts.
For Gouda Goverwelle NL84RABO0197801137 For Gouda Centrum NL10RABO0372092845 For Boskoop NL96RABO0370948831

Article 10 Termination/suspension of the agreement

VIPKids is entitled to suspend the implementation of the childcare agreement or to immediately terminate it if:
The contractor fails to comply with the agreement, including failure to pay the monthly installments due on time, in accordance with the provisions of Article 8 of these General Terms and Conditions and/or
If it appears that the contractor has not provided all necessary information that he or she should reasonably understand is necessary for the proper execution of the agreement.
The behavior of the parent/guardian or the child poses a danger to the well-being of other parents/guardians, employees or children.

Article 11 Emergency cases

The contractor gives VIPKids permission to take the child to the hospital or a doctor in urgent cases and to take the necessary measures after - if possible - consultation with the contractor or persons designated by him. VIPKids is not liable for any damage whatsoever. The costs of medical treatment and transport to hospital in these cases are borne by the contractor.

Article 12 Absence of child

If a child cannot attend for any reason, the contractor must make this known immediately. If the child is absent for a week or more without giving a reason, another child can be substituted for this child, without prejudice to the payment obligation.

Article 13 Particulars relating to the child

If there are any problems or special things going on with the child, the parents must inform the group leader. VIPKids takes this into account if possible and can give more attention to the child if necessary, as far as possible due to attention distribution between several children in the group. Should the attention given to the child in a certain situation be such
If the management is unable to provide sufficient attention to the remaining children, the parent will be called and asked to pick up the child immediately. The payment for this day will still be invoiced to the contractor. If VIPKids discovers any special features in the child, he/she will inform the parents about this.
If the child is absent due to a contagious disease or if there is a contagious disease within the family, the contractor must report this to the VIPKids group management as soon as possible. VIPKids will take measures if necessary. In this case, the customer must pick up the child immediately. The contractor must respect and comply with the Sick Children and Medicines protocol.
In consultation with the contractor, babies receive the usual food, which must be supplied by the contractor. The contractor must consult with the group management about the provision of special food. The contractor must respect and comply with VIPKids' breast milk protocol.
The contractor is responsible for the necessary changes. Clothing for this purpose must be brought in a bag that states the child's name. The bags are hung on the coat rack. Please provide all clothing with a name. VIPKids advises the contractor not to wear jewelry such as bracelets, earrings, rings and/or necklaces and clothing with cords to the child. When playing, the child can hurt himself by wearing jewelry. VIPKids is not liable for lost jewelry of children.
If the child is picked up by someone else, this must always be reported in advance to a VIPKids employee. In case of any doubt, the employee on duty must have the opportunity to consult the contractor by telephone.
In the first year, VIPKids maintains the daily schedule of the baby's home situation as far as possible. From the 1st year onwards, the contractor must respect VIPKids' daily schedule. There are fixed eating times and sleeping times which are determined by VIPKids.
VIPKids reserves the right to merge groups in the event of understaffing. This concerns a maximum of 1 other tribal group
For VIPKids Gouda Center – VIPKids Boskoop Kidslounge
For VIPKids Boskoop – groups Kidslounge and Momcave can merge/exchange with each other. For VIPKids Gouda Goverwelle:
VIPKids Baby Hotel – with Kids Lounge and vice versa VIPKids Fairytale Village with Momcave and vice versa VIPKids Theater with Momcave
VIPKids reserves the right to let your child play with another group from the same location/branch during fun activities under the open doors policy. These may be various groups.

Article 15 Refusal

VIPKids cannot be obliged to admit children whose behavior and/or health status pose a danger to other children and staff members.

Article 16 Liability

The placement at VIPKids means that the parents have given permission for the children to participate in all activities organized by the management of VIPKids within the VIPKids buildings and at connected outdoor areas. VIPKids cannot be held liable for the loss or damage of clothing and the child's own toys. VIPKids advises parents to dress the child in comfortable play clothes when he or she goes to daycare, as the management does not always have the time and opportunity to pay attention to the child's proper clothes. VIPKids has taken out legal liability insurance. VIPKids expressly excludes any liability, however named and however arising, by anyone for any damage whatsoever, except and insofar as the damage is covered by the aforementioned liability insurance and will actually be reimbursed by the insurers.
VIPKids cannot bear any liability/responsibility for the consequences of medical conditions, even if these conditions are known to it. No liability/responsibility can be assumed for the administration of medicines (reserved actions). Customer is required to sign medication form before management starts administering medication.
VIPKids cannot be held liable in any way for damage resulting from 'force majeure situations' and from situations that VIPKids insurance does not cover for whatever reason. VIPKids has legally valid accident insurance.

Article 17 Applicable law and competent court

Dutch law applies to every agreement between VIPKids and the contractor.

Article 18 Public holidays/missed days due to illness of you or your child or your own holiday

All above-mentioned days will be invoiced to the contractor. The contractor must pay for all days that the child misses for his or her own reasons based on the fixed hours per month included in the contract.
These above days cannot be exchanged or made up for free.

Article 19 Photos/video images

VIPKids is known for its camera security and transparency on social media. The contractor can never hold VIPKids liable for privacy violations because photos and/or video images of the child are accidentally posted somewhere on social media. The contractor is aware of the VIPKids concept and agrees that all areas at VIPKids are filmed for extra security, promotional videos and photos on social media.
If a photo or video of you or your child is accidentally posted on social media without your permission, we would like to ask you to contact the manager via telephone number: 06 28 81 74 47. VIPKids will take care of this immediately. to delete the photo/video. You cannot hold VIPKids liable for this.
Transparency on social media, as part of the VIPKids concept, is known to you when signing the agreement. Do you want your child to regularly appear on FB, Instagram, YouTube? Make it known to the group management and you sign one here
special consent form for.

Article 20 Visit to zoo/petting zoo, contact with animals

The above takes place exclusively in consultation with parents. Contact with animals only takes place after parental approval. Parents of children with allergies are obliged to inform VIPKids of this.

Article 21 Nutrition and care protocol of VIPKids

Inquire with the group management about items that are included in the price, such as brand diapers, baby wipes, ingredients for daily drinks and meals such as fruit snack, lunch and vegetable snack. Is there a product that you would like to see in a different brand or quality? Please bring this with you and put a sticker with your child's name on it. These products you bring yourself will not be reimbursed by VIPKids. Follow-on milk is not reimbursed by VIPKids, you must bring it with you with a sticker with your child's name and the date until which it can be used after opening.

Article 22 Pandemic measures and continued payment of invoice during pandemic closure (lock down/quarantines)

The contractor will comply with and respect the measures regarding a pandemic.
If VIPKids has to close the shelter due to: lock down, quarantines or shortage of staff due to illnesses from this pandemic, VIPKids will simply invoice for the missed days.

Article 23 Free exchange days, additional days for a fee and reference on Google

Customer can submit a request via parent portal to exchange days for free. VIPKids is not obliged to comply with this. VIPKids will do its utmost to accommodate the contractor when possible. Free exchange days are only possible if the customer has entered a reference on Google and is satisfied with the care.

Article 24 Extra days

Additional days are approved or rejected by VIPKids depending on the availability of child places and staff on the desired day. These days will be charged at the higher rate (see contract). After the request and approval of VIPKids, it is impossible to change this day or cancel it free of charge. Extra days are only possible if the customer has entered a reference on Google and is satisfied with the care.

Article 25 Completeness of data via parent portal

Since January 1, 2022, KDV has been obliged to connect to the tax authorities' system every month in order to pass on your data to the tax authorities. If any of the data is incomplete, even if it is only a single initial or BSN, this is seen as an error and your hours will not be processed correctly. The tax authorities may then reduce your childcare subsidy. It is your own responsibility to ensure that ALL information in the parent portal is completed carefully. Your data is stored securely in our program and kept for a number of years for our own administration and for the purpose of possible checks on childcare allowances from the tax authorities. By signing the agreement with VIPKids, you give permission to store and provide data about you to the tax authorities.

Article 26 Unilateral amendment of general terms and conditions by VIPKids

VIPKids reserves the right to unilaterally change general terms and conditions provided there is a business interest. VIPKids will inform the customer of any changes by email, which the customer has entered in the parent portal. Changes will take effect at the earliest after 1 calendar month after the dispatch of newly amended general terms and conditions via email.
Internal regulations Daycare VIPKids Holding BV (including
means 3 locations: VIPKids Gouda Goverwelle BV, VIPKids Gouda Centrum BV, VIPKids
Boskoop BV)
You can find the VIPKids newsletter every month on our website www.vipkids.eu/niuews/
1. Contact persons
The contact persons within VIPKids:
Management/owner: Larissa Borissenko & Mike van Vliet [email protected]
Manager: Charlotte van Zijl: [email protected] 06-28 81 74 47
Assistant Manager, pedagogical coach, policy officer:
Wahiba Azaaj [email protected] 06-28 81 74 47
[email protected]
Location Goverwelle:
mom cave: 0614348369 fairytale village: 0685732725 Theatre: 0638351993
Kids lounge: 0642129518
baby hotel: 0614348356
Location Center: 0627130818
Location Boskoop: 0642259453
2. Opening hours
VIPKids daycare center is open 5 days a week, Monday to Friday from 7.00:18.00 am to 52:XNUMX pm, XNUMX weeks a year.
The office can be reached by telephone from Monday to Thursday from 9.00:17.00 am to 06:28 pm. 81- 74 47 XNUMX XNUMX
They may not answer the phone immediately, so speak your name and
telephone number and they will always call you back or send us a WhatsApp message or email to [email protected]
Public holidays during which VIPKids is closed;
These holidays do not count as credit and therefore cannot be made up for at another time. There will also be no refund of the hours/costs of childcare on public holidays.
Below we have listed the days on which we are closed.
– New Year's Day, Easter Monday, King's Day, Liberation Day (once every five years)
– Ascension Day, Whit Monday, Christmas Day & Boxing Day
3. Pick up and drop off times
– Bring it in the morning between 7.00:9.00 am - 9.00:XNUMX am, if you arrive later, call or whatsup the group in advance! If we do not hear anything before XNUMX:XNUMX am and your child has not been brought, we will remove your child from the attendance list for that day without deducting any costs from the invoice.
– Pick up in the afternoon between 16.00:18.00 PM and XNUMX:XNUMX PM
Of course, you can always pick up your child earlier or drop it off later, but we would appreciate it if you reported this to the pedagogical staff.
The daycare center opens at 7.00:18.00 am, from then on we are happy to welcome you. The daycare center closes promptly at 18.00 p.m. in the evening. We kindly ask you to pick up your child before 25:XNUMX PM. If you are late, we are forced to fine you XNUMX euros per XNUMX minutes.
You are not supposed to leave strollers/maxi cosi's at VIPKids after dropping off your child.
We also ask that you do not take strollers into the hallway or into the group. If you have them with you, please store them close to the entrance.
4. Picking up your child Will your child be picked up by someone else? Would you like this in advance by telephone or email?
Please pass this on verbally to your child's regular teacher and, if necessary, show a photo? Your child may only be picked up by someone else with your permission. We will not pass your child on to anyone else if we have not been informed by you.
5. Shelter costs
The childcare costs are indexed annually and announced to the parents no later than December 1.
An interim increase can also take place if there are compelling interests for this.
This will be announced in the newsletter no later than one calendar month in advance.
6. Invoicing
VIPKids daycare center invoices the childcare costs per month in advance. The childcare costs are debited from your account monthly by direct debit around the last day of the childcare month. If direct debit is not possible, an additional invoice of 15,50 will be charged per declaration or reminder.
Do you have questions about your invoice? Then you can contact us via [email protected].
You can find the monthly invoices for childcare in the parent portal and you will also receive them by email. This also applies to the annual statement.
7. Parent portal
At VIPKids daycare center we use the Parent Portal.
After registration, parents receive access to their own parent and child environment. In the parent portal you can find everything related to childcare:
* Personal information about you and your child
* Invoices from the shelter * Annual statement
* Placement agreement
* Your child's schedule
* Your child's permanent mentor
* House rules
* Privacy statement (social media)
* Messages from your child's PMs
* Photos of your child during childcare
* Exchange requests, requesting extra days (provided reference has been entered on Google)
* your child can unsubscribe
However, it is important that you keep your own backup of data that you consider important in your own environment. VIPKids is not responsible for the loss/retention of your data. As long as VIPKids retains data, VIPKids ensures that it is stored securely. From time to time, data is deleted due to GDPR law.

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