Toddler program 2-4 years

VIPKids has a toddler care program with educational VVE (not subsidized). We offer toddler care at the Goverwelle location, from Monday to Friday from 7.00:12.30 to 12.30:18.00 and from 16:2 to 4:XNUMX. Our toddler group consists of a maximum of XNUMX children from XNUMX to XNUMX years old.

We also offer childcare for children with a developmental head start on Fridays from 8:30 am to 13:30 pm. This group is called VIPKids Plus+.

Vipkids vve childcare toddler program

VIPKids toddler daycare Goverwelle

‘The toddler program, is it similar to kindergarten?'

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Toddler daycare at VIPKids is similar to kindergarten.

Playing games together, reading books, playing outside, making music, singing and handicraft. Educational play and learning from each other. Toddlers among themselves. ‘Bye daddy, bye mommy, see you later!’

Toddler program

If you don’t need fulltime daycare but just want your child to spend a couple of hours a week with their peers, our Toddler program is just the thing for you.

Toddler program compensation

If you are working, studying or participating in an integration course, you are entitled to childcare allowance, which also applies to the toddler program.

. The amount depends on several factors but your income is the most important one. To learn more, check out the link to the Dutch Tax authorities.

VIPKids offers childcare with educational VVE (not subsidized). Learn more about our VVE Toddler Program here.

Click here for our childcare calculator. Not sure about the fees? Feel free to send us a e-mail. We’ll be happy to help you calculate your personal contribution.

Extra attention or challenge

Every child has its own needs. VIPKids applies a VVE method that is geared towards children who require extra attention in certain areas of their development. But we also offer stimulating activities in our daily program for kids who could use some extra challenge. All the kids are VIPs here at VIPKids, so everyone gets a very important portion of attention!

Daily routine cards

Daily routine cards are just as important in the toddler program as they are in the general daycare option. They give the kids a great source of stability: here is what today is going to look like. In addition, we pick a new recognizable theme every six to eight weeks to match the time of year or something associated with the kids’ situation at home.

From Fairytale Village to children's disco

Step into our fairytale world ...

We want the learn-by-play experience to be enchanting. Meet our Fairytale village: a large, round indoor playground. This is our favorite spot at VIPKids Gouda Goverwelle, and we have a hunch your toddler will agree…

A circus entrance with large stuffed animals, soap bubbles and sparkling lights welcomes you in a true fairytale village. This is where the kids get to know the real world in a miniature version: a barbershop with a fashion boutique next door. A flower shop, a real knight’s hall and just down the road a garage with its very own gas station, a view of the baby hotel and right at the center, a gorgeously lit fairytale tree with a swing.

A party every day

Right next door to our Fairytale village, we have a 250-square-meter garden where toddlers get to drive children’s cars across the traffic playground or get their hands dirty in our vegetable garden. Found some baby spinach, mint or berries? Those will be great for a delicious smoothie, prepared fresh every day together with the kids at our VIPKids Bakery. The energy boost will come in handy during a smashing show at the VIPKids Theatre or a dance-off at our children's disco. Every day is a party!

When it comes to getting a fair impression of VIPKids Goverwelle, nothing beats a good old tour. For a teaser, take our digital tour here: Welcome to our fairytale

Can your toddler also use an extra portion of magic? Come in during our open evening, every Thursday from 18.00:19.00 pm to XNUMX:XNUMX pm, or register your child immediately for our Toddler Program.

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Our digital VIPKids-tour

Can’t wait to see our enchanting VIPKids world?

Daycare with a touch of magic

Every child deserves a fairytale

childcare from 4 to 8 years

Childcare from 4 to 8 years old

Childcare with educational VVE (not subsidized).

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Rates and Calculation Tool

Daycare rates and calculate with the calculation tool.

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Lounge area

A space that is decorated as a cozy baby room.

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