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Locations VIPKids childcare

Reach us by phone or email, or drop by for one of our open evenings!

Gouwestraat 3 | 2771 CG Boskoop
T: 06-42 25 94 53
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Register VIPKids Boskoop?

At VIPKids Boskoop there is currently room for childcare. You can hold your child pre-register. Call or mail Contact us for current information about free places at our daycare.

Fluwelensingel 83 | 2806 CE Gouda
T: 06 - 27 13 08 18
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Sign up for VIPKids Centrum?

VIPKids Gouda Centrum currently has waiting lists for certain days. Feel free to pre-register. your child. Call or email us for up-to-date information on our daycare availability.

Middenmolenplein 104c | 2807 GV Gouda
T: 06-28 81 74 47
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Sign up for VIPKids Goverwelle?

There are still places available at the daycare center at VIPKids Gouda Goverwelle. Click Click here for a personal tour tour of sign up your child now, no strings attached.

Middenmolenplein 104c | 2807 GV Gouda
T: 06-28 81 74 47
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VIPKids office

You will also find our office for handling the administration at VIPKids Gouda Goverwelle. For all your general questions and questions about the administration and registrations, please contact the VIPKids Goverwelle office.

Telephone numbers VIPKids Goverwelle childcare groups

Baby Hotel Group: 06-14 34 83 56
Group Kids Lounge: 06-42 12 95 18
Group Theatre: 06-38 35 19 93
Momcave group: 06-14 34 83 69
Fairytale Village Group 06-8573 2725

For general information

Also take a look for more general information about childcare in the region.

Pre-register or schedule a tour?

Curious what our daycare looks like inside? Then schedule a tour. Together with one of our employees, we will show you all the ins and outs of our daycare center. You can choose from the location Gouda Goverwelle, Gouda Center or Boskoop.

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